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Each Artisan Essence Block is a masterpiece of sustainable craftsmanship, meticulously handmade to enhance your space with a touch of nature's beauty. These substantial candles, measuring 10 inches in length and 5 inches in width, sit elegantly on a rustic wooden base, offering a unique, rectangular silhouette.

Our commitment to eco-friendly practices shines in every candle. Made from natural, non-toxic materials, free from paraffins and synthetic additives, these candles are as pure as they are beautiful. The scents are derived exclusively from organic essential oils, chosen for their natural aromatherapy benefits. Every candle tells a different story, adorned with elements like seashells or flower petals, aligned with their thematic essence – be it floral serenity or oceanic tranquility.

Embrace the fusion of art and aroma with our Artisan Essence Blocks – a perfect choice for the eco-conscious connoisseur seeking an extraordinary sensory experience.

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